Monday, December 12, 2016

A Very Villainous Picnic

After what feels like years of searching, pining, and endlessly swooning over other peoples photos, I've finally been able to add Angelic Pretty's Loyal Rosette to my wardrobe! I love everything about this print, it's so obnoxiously British and it reminds me of my Grandmother, who was a big fan of the British Royals and loved a good bright tartan.

I wore it in an outfit that was (very loosely) inspired by Lady Tremaine from Cinderella for a Disney Villains themed picnic with some lovely Lolita friends. I threw this coordinate together at the very last minute after the outfit I'd originally planned didn't quite work out, but I'm still happy with it and will certainly wear it again! I think that red and grey is a very under appreciated colour combination, especially in lolita.

Nothing beats cucumber sandwiches, biscuits with home made lemon curd, and iced ribena on a breezy summer afternoon.

1 comment:

  1. this outfit is dazzling!! and this villain tea party sounds (and looks!) magical!!!