Thursday, September 8, 2016

Finally! I've been putting off writing this post for over a month because I've been waiting on some photos, but I feel like if I wait any longer it's just going to end up being irrelevant so better late than never, right?

Avcon this year was a BIG weekend, the biggest convention weekend I've ever had. We stayed in the city for it because my competition was so big that there was no way I could travel from home to the convention centre on the day with it without losing my mind, and it gave us an excuse to have a mini holiday in our own lil town!

Saturday was spent taking part in the lolita content that Avcon had to offer. Every year the local community has a fashion showcase which explains the fashion and its different substyles, and members have the chance to walk the catwalk and show off their favourite coordinates. I wore my all time favourite dress, Angelic Pretty's Sweet Cream House in a cozy, biscuit themed outfit. I love this dress so much because not only is the print super cute, but it's really comfortable to wear. I'm so glad I finally snagged it!

I spent the afternoon helping out my friend TeiJay of Sassy Legs Photography shoot portraits of cosplayers on the convention floor which was lots of fun! I had the opportunity to meet lots of lovely people as well as to admire their costumes, which is something I don't get the chance to do when I'm in costume myself.

Sunday was where the real action was for me. I finally got to wear the Godoka costume I'd been working on for eight months in the cosplay competition! Godoka is a character that I really, really love. Puella Magi Madoka Magica is one of my favourite animes, and Madoka embodies everything that's good and kind, so why wouldn't I want to be the ultimate form of her? All of my construction notes/process pictures are on my cosplay Facebook page, so if you'd like to know any specific details feel free to check it out!

The competition was REALLY tough! There were some seriously good costumes in the mix, including a full scale male suit and one of the most intense props I've ever seen; it spun, lit up, made sounds, and weighed a ton. But the most exciting thing of all was that I placed as Best Amateur! I entered because I wanted to challenge myself and step my game up because this was a BIG project and I was stoked just to have finished it, so any kind of recognition was an amazing bonus!

I wish there were more photos of the prize giving, but it was confusingly organised and it wasn't announced so most people had left before it happened, including the photographers. But as someone who has never won anything in their life, it was a crazy surreal moment, I'm 23 years old and I finally won my very first medal! It was especially amazing to have won for something that I'd worked so hard on and felt so passionate about. Cosplay is an incredibly rewarding hobby and I'm so glad it's become such a big part of my life.

I promptly went back to the hotel and ate pizza in my dressing gown and my medal, a perfect end to a wonderful weekend!

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