Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bunnies & Berries

Lief Gardenberries Dress // Princess Highway Cardigan // Asos Blouse // Naturaliser Shoes // Taobao Bag // Handmade headband

This weekend my local lolita community had it's annual Easter meet up, so it was the perfect opportunity for me to wear Gardenberries in a toned down, autumn coordinate! I really love Gardenberries, it was on my wishlist for a long time and when I finally scored it for a reasonable price I was so stoked; it's a really comfortable dress to wear and I think it's quite simple to coordinate with as well. 

Anyway! The meet was at Movenpick and it was lovely. I'd wanted to go there for a while as I'd only walked past before and every time I've been by it's always busy with people eating delicious looking food and I'm a real sucker for dessert. I wish I'd taken more photos because almost all of the dishes everyone ordered looked amazing, but I was too hungry to focus on much more than my own plate! I had the berry waffles with a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of caramel ice creams. The waffles were freshly made, lovely and super crispy (my favourite!) the strawberry ice cream tasted a little bit like jam which I didn't love, but the caramel ice cream was really rich and fudgy and fancy. 

Pepdog photobomb bonus round!

I didn't stay out for too long because I had homework to do and honestly I'm struggling a little bit with anxiety when it comes to being in public, but it was really nice to get dressed up and socialise for a couple of hours! I really love going out in lolita because even though I know that people are looking at me, I know that they're looking at me because I'm dressed differently and not because of whatever reason my overactive and anxious brain invents. And because my skirt is so big no one can sit next to me on the tram because I take up the whole seat which is a big plus!

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  1. Your outfit is gorgeous! I would probably stare at you too, but only because you're wearing so many lovely things in one outfit! Good on you for wearing what makes you happy and for standing out from the crowd!

    Janelle x