Friday, February 19, 2016

Skull Suns & Girl Gangs

Killstar Dress // Forever New Jacket // Jubly Umph Brooch // Ebay Hat

I've been so incredibly lazy with outfits lately and I haven't really had much to post about so here's a get up from a month ago and my sincere apologies; I promise I'm going to be much better with posting this year! I've been getting in the habit of writing more lists lately because I'm in the middle of constructing a massive costume project (you can keep up with my progress on my Facebook page if you're into that kind of thing) so I desperately need to be organised, and I'm going to extend that to my blogging and write a blog schedule. 

Costuming and trying to get my life together aren't the only projects that I've been working on lately though. In January I decided I was sick of feeling like I couldn't make friends or connections with other ladies my age who also lived in my city, so I decided to do something about it and the Adelaide Girls Club was born and it's flourished! I'm so happy to have a community full of likeminded people to chat with about literally anything that we can think of, it's such a supportive and positive environment and I honestly think there should be one in every city. I remember reading about the Sydney Grrrls Club a couple of years ago and wishing that I could be apart of something like it, and now I run something like it- what a time to be alive. I think in modern society there's so much pressure on women to compete with one another, but I love that so many ladies are turning around and saying 'hell no' and choosing instead to support one another, there's nothing more inspiring or soul warming like female friendship. So what are you waiting for? Start a girls club and change your life!

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