Friday, January 15, 2016

Strawberry Fields Forever

Last week Sam finally came good on something he's been promising to do with me since before we started dating three and a half years ago - he took me strawberry picking! We went for a lovely drive up to the Beerenberg Strawberry Farm in Hahndorf on a sunny day, where we battled busloads of tourists for 2.4 kilograms of the freshest, sweetest strawberries I've ever tasted and it was so worth it. I've made a lot of smoothies in the last week to try and use them all up that's for sure!

After we finished picking and we went to the farm shop to pay for our harvest (which is amazing by the way, you can buy tiny pots of every beerenberg jam and chutney! And they have a window into the factory where you can see them making their products! The day we were there they were making either tomato chutney or barbecue sauce, because you could smell the tanginess from the road outside.) we had strawberry softserve that was made with freshly picked strawberries right in front of our eyes. The lady who served us deduced from my outfit somehow that I must be involved with the Adelaide lolita community, and made sure that I would be coming back for National Strawberry Day on the 27th of February haha!

Handmade dress // Krisp Clothing blouse // Leona Edmiston bag // Miss Shop hat // Naturalizer loafers

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  1. Your outfit is the cutest! I swear I can almost smell those strawberries!