Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Simple Hair Necessities

I've been trying lots of new hair products lately and I thought I'd share the ones that have achieved grail status with y'all! These are products that I use on a regular basis and absolutely LOVE, they've changed (and improved) my hair in a way that I don't think I could live without anymore, and everyone needs to know about it. Please note that while I do work for Lush, all of the opinions and views stated in this post are entirely my own and every product was purchased with my own money!

Daddy-O Purple Shampoo
This is the most highly pigmented purple shampoo I've EVER used and it is crazy effective. It banishes those pesky brassy tones in a flash, and has coconut oil to leave your hair feeling soft and silky. It also smells delicious and is infused with lemon and lime juice to add shine.

No Drought Dry Shampoo
This dry shampoo has a super fresh grapefruit scent to wake up both you and your hair! A little of this stuff really goes a long way in comparison to aerosol dry shampoos, and a 50g bottle is the perfect size for travelling with.

American Cream Conditioner
This conditioner isn't thick in consistency, but it's definitely not lacking in substance. I use this after I wash my hair, so twice a week, and it leaves it feeling soft and smelling lovely. This is a nice conditioner for my oily hair because while it's a really moisturising it doesn't contribute to any extra greasiness, which is what those of us with oil prone hair need!

Retread Conditioner
I mix my hair colour with this conditioner and honestly it's changed my life. Before I started using this conditioner I had quite a bit of breakage whenever I ran my hands through my hair, but now? Barely any. This conditioner promises the world, and it delivers. It's thick and rich and best suited to thick hair because of how heavy it is, so if you've got thick tresses that are feeling a little rough Retread's gonna be your new best pal.

H'suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment
This treatment is packed full of fresh ingredients including bananas, eggs, avocado and olive oil, and is designed to give your hair a deep, nourishing feed. Cinnamon oil helps to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and encourage hair growth, balsamic vinegar gives added shine, and eggs and watercress infusion help to increase the strength of the hair. I like to use this one on my extensions at the end of each week to breathe new life into them and it works amazingly, as well as on my own hair after I've bleached it to restore any moisture and strength it might have lost. And it smells a little like rice pudding!

Roots Hair Treatment
This tub of goop was made for fine hair, but is also full of ingredients to love and nourish sensitive scalps because a healthy scalp means healthy hair! Mint and menthol accompanied with a good hard scalp massage give a tingly, fresh clean, while honey and olive oil add strength and shine. I like to work this one into my scalp and roots and then cover my lengths in either H'suan or Retread- why not have the best of both worlds?

R&B Hair Moisturiser
R&B is a neat little pot with something for everyone. It can be used to moisturise ends that are prone to dryness, smooth flyaways and control frizz with the help of coconut oil and avocado butter, and it can calm and soothe dry and itchy scalps thanks to fresh oat milk. Orange and jasmine absolutes give this moisturiser a fresh and fruity perfume that's refreshing and uplifting without being overwhelming. I use some every night before bed and wake up with my hair feeling soft, shiny, and ready to roll!

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