Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Merry Munster Christmas

I can't believe it's that time of the year again, I feel like I was only writing my last Christmas post a month ago! I'm really excited to share everything here because I had such a wonderful Christmas this year, I think it was one of the biggest ones we've had in years. I did so much baking, wrapped a lot of presents, and gave a lot of hugs so I'm completely exhausted, but still super happy!

What's Christmas without a Christmas dress? I made this dress a few weeks ago and have taken every opportunity to wear it, but I think this is my favourite outfit I've made with it. It was such a hot day, but I was comfortable and breezy all through it!

I was super lucky this year, my whole family spoiled me! Sam got me the backpack I've been dreaming of for months, as well as 101 Dalmatian Vans (!!!!) so I'm totally set for next semester, as well as a plush R2-D2 (I have a weird emotional connection with that sweet angel of a droid) and an illustrated copy of the Philosophers Stone. Coincidentally, my parents also gave me a copy so I've got one for reading and one for keeping perfectly preserved! They also gifted me a record player, a Hermione POP, and some cute pink slippies. 

And of course I gave some gifts too! It was a very Lush Christmas for my family this year, everyone's gonna be buttery smooth and super sweet smelling.

For our annual Christmas Eve street party I made miniature pavlovas, gingerbread for the mammoth 36 hour trade at work the day before Christmas Eve, and a big pavlova for Christmas Day. As usual we'll be eating Christmas food for the next two weeks because there was entirely too much of it.

And finally Sam and I were able to take some dweeby photos in our matching Hail Santa sweaters that I made last year! Sweet baby Toby also made a sneaky guest appearance, and as usual Sam couldn't keep his pants up. I'm sad that it's over already, I really love Christmas but it just goes so quickly! I'm already excited for next year, Sam and I are still watching holiday movies and wearing our Christmas pyjamas - Christmas doesn't have to be over just because it's not the 25th anymore, right?

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  1. It is best post on Christmas I have ever read. Thank you very much for this great share. I have also shared details of my Christmas party on my blog. We hosted a funky family party at a local party venue NYC and had an amazing time with family!