Saturday, November 14, 2015

Spilling the Tea

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to be involved in the filming of a piece about Lolita fashion and culture for SBS 2's current affairs program, The Feed.

Unfortunately barely any of the footage from the Adelaide communities high tea made it into the final cut, but it was still an interesting watch! A beautifully shot piece, it focused a lot more on the negative aspects of the Lolita fashion rather than the positives. Everyone interviewed repeatedly expressed the fact that we don't consider ourselves 'living dolls' (something that was mentioned a number of times in the introduction and during the segment) and that there's no kind of correlation between the fashion and any kind of sexual fetish or interest. I think it'd be impossible to make an accurate documentary about such a big community with so many members from so many different walks of life without travelling across the planet and talking to hundreds and hundreds of people, but there are definitely worse media representations of lolita out there.

But as a bonus our comm got to have a really lovely high tea at the Adelaide Hilton - complete with a chocolate buffet!

And of course, any excuse to dress up and look fancy is a good one.

Chess Story JSK // H&M Blouse // Target Cardigan // American Apparel Shoes // Taobao Tights, Glasses, & Bag // Handmade Flower Crown

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