Sunday, October 11, 2015

Review Time! Irresistible Me Hair Extensions: First Impression

I was recently contacted by the lovely Blair of Irresistible Me Hair Extensions about writing a review of their REMY hair extensions, and I am excited to finally be posting it!

I chose the 18", 200g set in Silky Platinum Blonde, and they arrived within three days of being posted to me from New York - considering they travelled halfway across the world, that's crazy fast! They were packaged in a ziplock bag (not pictured, I was too eager to get into them and I couldn't wait) with a test piece in a separate compartment so that if you found the colour doesn't quite match you can exchange them! The compartment with the main set on them does have a quality seal over the opening of the bag, and if you open it you can't exchange them for safety/hygiene reasons so beware of that. The extensions are tied with a rubber band (not my favourite as I find it snags when you're trying to remove it, I much prefer a wire twist tie or a ribbon) and packed inside a hair net.

These extensions are crazy thick. I'm no stranger to hair extensions, but I usually have a 20" - 22" set and let me tell you, 18" hair that weighs 200 grams is a lot of hair! This set includes a quad weft which I am very excited about because I've heard such great things about them and I've never been able to try one before, and it'll save me from trying to squeeze a bunch of extra tracks onto my oddly shaped head. 

The clips are rubber backed to prevent them from slipping in your hair, and are easy to snap open and closed. They're also sewn on very securely- some extension brands are horribly sloppy when it comes to attaching their clips, there's been more than a few occasions where I've had to go through and resew them! The set also tapers nicely towards the end of the hair, rather than being cut straight across the bottom.

While they're a very fair blonde, these extensions do have a slightly yellowish tinge to them. I think that if you gave them a good toning they'd come up as a really lovely silver blonde. There were a few dark hairs scattered through them, but they were easily removed with scissors and a steady hand. They're super soft, and I was able to run my hands through them without the hairs tangling which is a good sign.

This set retails for $169 and honestly from first impressions, I think it's definitely worth that price. This is one of the cheaper sets I've had and I'm totally stoked on the quality. The packaging is lovely (I've held onto the box to use as storage for these extensions!) and the hair itself feels beautiful. I'll be doing another post detailing how I colour them and what they look like when worn, I can't wait to see how they hold up with the pink treatment.

You can get your own set of Irresistible Me extensions here!

(DISCLAIMER: This product was provided for my consideration, this does not however influence the honesty of this review - all opinions are entirely my own!)


  1. Ah man, I want new extensions. I recently took my weave out & I miss it.

  2. I agree with Ellen - awesome extensions you have here - lovely!

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