Monday, September 21, 2015

Pies, Puppycat, & My Lush Interview Experience

Modcloth Dress & Cardigan // Muchacha Bag // American Apparel Flats // We're All Mad Here Puppycat Brooch // Dangerfield Brooch

Unfortunately when I got my new desk I lost my photo space, so I'm still trying to work out how to take photos with a nice background so please excuse the slightly messy background. I have 22 years worth of collections and things stuffed into a not-very-big room so it can get a little difficult to maneuver around sometimes!

ANYWAY, today I interviewed for my dream job, a position at Lush! I'm so passionate about this company because they're so dedicated to enacting positive social change through all kinds of initiatives, as well as ethically sourcing all of their ingredients and making sure that all of the ingredients that they use are sustainably produced (I love their sandalwood initiative because it's not only environmentally responsible, but also contributes to Indigenous industry). I spent the days leading up to my interview googling like a madwoman trying to find tips and reading about other people's experiences, so I thought I would share my own just to add to the information out there. From what I read it seems that every Lush interview is different, so if you're going for an interview your experience might end up being totally different from mine!

It was a group interview and there was around 10 other applicants there, everyone was really lovely so the vibe was super relaxed and positive, I wish we could all get a job there! The management team demo'd a couple of products to us and told us a little about the company to get started. We were asked to bring an object that was important to us that we could talk about, so I took my Darwin snowglobe because it's my favourite from my collection and of course I'm originally a Darwinian. We were then asked to draw a picture of ourselves, and write answers to some questions they asked us including why we wanted to work for Lush, what ethical cause is the most important to us, what we could bring to the role, and three lovely things about ourselves.

Then we were asked to choose a product from the store that we personally loved and 'sell' it to the management girls. I chose the Comforter bubble bar because it's my favourite Lush scent, and my super sweet friend Akira put one in a care package she made for me just after Perdy passed away - so the smell of it reminds me of the kindness that comforted (geddit? Hehe!) me during one of the most difficult times of my life so far.

We were then given the opportunity to ask questions, gifted a bag of samples, and that was that! It took about an hour and a half, and it honestly felt more like a fun little hang out instead of an interview. Hopefully I'll hear about a trial shift within the next couple of days, but it was such a positive experience that I'm grateful to have even got this far. Fingers and toes friends, fingers and toes!

Update 21/10: While I didn't score a position after the interview I detailed in this post, I interviewed for another Lush store the following fortnight and today I was offered a job as a Christmas Casual, so there will be many a review over the coming months!


  1. Good luck lovely girl! I'd love to work for Lush but the closest store to me is aaaages away, boo :(


  2. Such a cute dress =]