Saturday, September 26, 2015

I Scream You Scream

Every now and then, I fall in complete and total love with a television show. My current obsession? Scream Queens. Written by the creative team behind Glee and American Horror Story, it's only aired two episodes so far (the third airs on the 29th of September) and I'm smitten. The satirical mash up of teen comedy and slasher is fast paced and excellently balanced. Starring some Falchuk-Murphy mainstays such as Emma Roberts and Lea Michele, it also features the ever wonderful Jamie Lee Curtis, who of course is the daughter of the og scream queen Janet Leigh.

The costuming of the KKT girls is absolutely on point - if this is what sorority girls dress like in real life, then where the heck do I sign up? The feminine pastels that make up so many of the outfits are in perfect juxtaposition with the slash gash terror splattered throughout the show. I don't think a television program has gotten me this excited about clothes since Gossip Girl!

As for the sorority house itself, the Kappa residence is what dreams are made of. Plush upholstery, polished surfaces, curved staircases and a million shades of white, cream and ivory make it a real life Barbie Dreamhouse. From an actor's perspective working on this set must be a dream, but from a filmmaker's point of view I think lugging your gear up and down those stairs would get very tiring, very quickly haha.

It's not often at all that I'm interested enough in a series to watch it week by week, but I'll definitely be keeping up with Scream Queens. You can watch the first two episodes here!


  1. although a bit far fetched in some scenes (the text murder scene for instance! x____x) it is really intriguing and i can't wait to find out who the killer is!!!

  2. I only saw the trailer for this recently and Omg i cant wait to see this =]

  3. I loved seeing all the costumes in the first two episodes! I totally want to recreate Grace's pineapple collared shirt ^____^

  4. It is SO amazing! I loved how over the top it was at times, but the fashion, I would wear EVERYTHING! Can't wait for the next episode!