Friday, July 31, 2015

I'm finally getting around to making this post, Avcon was such a huge weekend that it's taken me two weeks to recover! I had such a wonderful time cosplaying, meeting other people with the same interests as me, seeing so many wonderful creations, and of course browsing through the artists alley! This post is going to be quite photo heavy, so follow the cut for more con goodness!

On the Saturday I wore Super Sonico (Okigae Time figure ver.), which felt very risque for me because it was a lot shorter than anything I would wear regularly, but that's what I love about cosplay so much - it's the opportunity to become an entirely different person for a day, and it's no fun if you don't get into character! I also ended up walking in the cosplay parade, something I never thought I would do in such a short skirt haha. It was a long day, but we treated ourselves with super steamy bowls of ramen for dinner because it was SO cold.

Sunday was a very Pokemon themed day. Sam entered the Pokemon tournament and I wore my Sylveon gijinka, the first cosplay that I designed and crafted entirely on my own! The ears were so huge that I had to wire them into my wig so that they'd stay on, but it was definitely worth the effort because so many people seemed to love them. It's such an amazing feeling to be complimented on your hard work, but it still couldn't compare to the feeling of wearing a costume that I'd worked so hard on. I wish I had more photos of the details, hopefully some will pop up on facebook in the coming weeks.

And last but not least, my haul! As you might have noticed, I'm a bit nuts for brooches. I don't really wear any other jewellery very often so I love to pop on a brooch whenever I feel like flashing up an outfit, and I really scratched my itch at Avcon. I was able to pick up some cute pins from some of my favourite Australian indie designers - Peppermint Fox, We're All Mad Here, and Creep Heart (unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the Creep Heart booth because it was always so crowded!). I'm really hard pressed to choose a favourite, but I definitely have a soft spot for the royal corgi badge from Peppermint Fox! I'd really like to turn him into a regal ribbon rosette at some point. I love the opportunity that conventions give to artists and designers to showcase their work, there's something really special about being able to hold a piece of work in your hands rather than just admiring it through a screen.

Even though it was two massive days, Avcon was definitely a wonderful weekend. It left me feeling very tired and sore, but also full of inspiration to plan new projects and start working on new costumes. I'm so excited to get to work for Supanova in November!

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