Wednesday, May 20, 2015

But If You Put The Hammer In An Elevator?

Kmart T-Shirt // Dangerfield Skirt // American Apparel Shoes // Dangerfield Belt // eBay Headband

I've just realised that I somehow managed to completely space on posting this outfit! I wore it especially to see Age of Ultron when it first came out a month ago and it's since become one of my favourite coordinates. Captain America is easily my favourite hero, and I can't believe how difficult it was to find a shirt that only featured him that wasn't only sold online, let alone in a female friendly cut. As I was rifling through the mens and boys clothing sections (I ended up finding this one in the mens pyjamas section, and it came with matching shorts which is a bonus!) it really got me thinking about how adult women are limited when it comes to ~geeky~ apparel. As expected, the mens section is littered with typically masculine character merchandise - t-shirts, underwear, socks, even dressing gowns featured all kinds of pop culture icons from Mickey Mouse and Finn The Human, to The Hulk and Sons Of Anarchy, but in the women's section there were only a couple of shirts featuring either Minnie Mouse or Bettie Boop. It's almost as if, as adult women, we're expected to take no enjoyment from superheroes or fictional motorcycle gangs, which I find quite disappointing - why do we have to be the 'grown up' ones? Girls are just as likely to enjoy fantasy and fiction as boys, with 46.6% of comic readers  and 48% of gamers identifying as female, so it seems very strange to me that this isn't reflected in what's available to us when it comes to clothing in stores that make all of this swag available to our male counterparts.

But there is always hope online! With brands like Her Universe and Living Dead Clothing dropping some super jazzy pop culture designs, we don't have to be restricted to giant dudes t-shirts - just learn from my mistakes and remember to buy things before the day you want to wear them, lest you spend an hour frantically running around your local shopping centre hunting for a Captain America shirt. 

(P.S. if you haven't seen Age of Ultron yet, I highly suggest you do. It was a great movie and I liked it more than the first Avengers and it really reinforced my need for a standalone Black Widow film)


  1. The other day my husband and I were talking about super heros and I was saying how weird it is that Captain America keeps getting movies. I don't read comics so my remark isn't about how good or bad he is, but more so about the fact that millions of dollars are being spent on a film to be shown internationally. What do people in other countries think of a super hero that has America in his name and specifically represents a certain country. So I am surprised to see that you like him so much! Guess you proved me wrong. XD

    It is a bummer how sometimes women are blocked from circles. I did a quick search for Captain America on Target and technically they had more stuff for women than men, but the women stuff was more undies and socks than shirts. Which is a little weird, but I guess makes sense? I think if you are a fashion conscious fan, you will be more picky about which shirt you will buy, will it match other clothes I have? Do I like the design? Etc, while some guys will just say "I like this show, I'll get the shirt" and I know some girls who are just the same, but they don't mind picking up the guys shirt if a girls shirt isn't available.

  2. Oh, your outfit is so cool! I love to wear fandom clothing, but it really can be so hard to find. A lot of the time I end up buying men's shirts, which are often very boxy. Recently though I tried cutting up one of my husband's old Star Wars t-shirts into a cute waist-tie crop top sort of thing and it totally worked! (like this:

    Jay Jays is also usually pretty good for fandom clothing, although they don't always have the greatest range for girls still. Like, the guys section often has a lot of different TV show/movie stuff where the girls section only has Adventure Time (which I do really love so I guess I can't complain *too* much! ~___^)