Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I'm Old Now + 100th Post!

Sass Dress // ModCloth Cardigan // American Apparel Shoes // Cotton On Headband

My birthday gift to myself was to finally take the plunge and dye my hair pink, which I've wanted since I was about fourteen years old and I'd first discovered Audrey Kitching. I don't have hair extensions at the moment so I'm trying to get the hang of wearing it short and it's hard! I feel like I've been drained of my lifeforce - putting in my extensions is like putting on armour, it makes me feel ready to face the world, I feel like Austin Powers when he lost his Mojo. But! The colour is so great and I'm so happy with it, I feel like it should grow out of my head like this! 

I had a pretty quiet birthday. I spent the day hanging out at home and went out for dinner with my parents and Sam, I filled my belly with too much Chinese food and had some serious deja vu because I did the exact same thing last year haha! I just really love food okay?!

And because I don't know when to stop, we went to Hello Kitty Café for dessert! I didn't get to take a photo of everyone's food because my dad had dug into his gateaux before I had a chance, and Sam had the same thing as usual (the chocolate potty plant), but how cute was my strawberry tart? It was so delicious, the strawberries were super fresh and sweet and the custard in the middle was extra creamy. I also had to take a picture of the little kitty face on top of mum's coffee, she was very taken with it too! I hope that we can all go there together again because it seemed like my parents really enjoyed their visit to kittyland.

And of course, presents! I was very very spoiled this year and I'm so grateful that I have such wonderful people in my life! Sam went above and beyond and got me a Pink (!!) 3DS with three Pokemon games (X, Y, & Omega Ruby), a handbook because I've never played Pokemon before (this is my very first handheld console!) and a BMO Pop figure. My friends Caitlin & Rhianon gave me some Lush goodies including Yuzu, Honey I Washed The Kids shower gel, and the Rockstar & Godmother soap stack (they've been reading my blog haha) and a Canberra snow globe which I forgot to include in the photo, but now I have every Australian city which is exciting. My friend Lily gave me the strawberry teapot, which was very sneaky because she saw me go gaga over it when we went to the art gallery together a couple of months ago. Sam's family gifted me a Twilight bath bomb and the Buttercup giftbox, which includes a Butterball bath bomb and a bar of Honey I Washed The Kids soap (I have so much HIWTK now and I'm so happy about it, it's my favourite Lush smell after Snow Fairy!). I also received a Peter Alexander voucher from my parents, and a MAC voucher from my kind friends Tahlia and Danielle. What a list, I am feeling super, super lucky now haha.

Oh, and this is also my 100th post on my baby blog so today is bursting with milestones, happy 100 posts and may we have a good hundred more!

♡ ♡ ♡


  1. i am in LOVE with your hair!!!! happy birthday!!! xoxo

  2. Happy birthday! You look fantastic! Pink hair really suits you ^_____^

  3. You look incredible, with great presents (and friends and family) and perfect outing for your birthday! This post is making me smile from all the amazing! xx