Monday, April 13, 2015

Cute Finds + On Being a Marshmallow Girl

I'm a little chubby, and I love cute clothes. Those aren't really shocking revelations as much as they are facts, but sometimes it can be a difficult combination. I really dig Japanese street styles like gyaru and lolita, but sometimes it feels near impossible to be able to track down cute pieces that will fit my cuddly, western measurements - until I discovered La Farfa, Plumprimo and the 'Marshmallow Girl'

In a step towards de-stigmatizing larger bodies in a society so focussed on being slim, Japanese magazine La Farfa features a whole host of super cute, plus sized models coined as 'pocchari' or marshmallow girls, a term that helps to connect being plus sized with being soft and cute rather than something negative. I personally love the phrase marshmallow girl, because it makes me think of someone who would be kind and nice to hug! 

I think that one of the problems with western plus size fashion is that if you don't have all your curves in exactly the right places then you're better off just covering everything up with layers of boring, neutral coloured fabric. Enter Plumprimo, a plus sized line produced by Japanese brand DreamV and available on Rakuten  While Plumprimo does have long skirts and oversized tops, it also has a number of ridiculously pretty dresses and skirts, with some styles going up to a size 6L (most end at a 4L with a waist of aroun 99cm) rather than the small/medium or 'free size' of many other Asian clothing labels. Many styles also feature elasticated shirring and stretchy fabric for even more ease of fit.

These are some of my very favourite pieces, note the styles that are usually reserved for teeny tiny measurements! While I haven't been able to order any Plumprimo pieces for myself yet, I've browsed through the Tumblr tag and it definitely looks like the clothes are just as nice on real people as they are on the website! 

The older I get, the more content I am with the way my body looks. I've never been long and lean and I most likely never will be, and that's okay. I've got chubby cheeks, batwing arms, and I'm a lifetime member of the chub rub club, and there's nothing wrong with that. The more that we tell ourselves that it's perfectly fine to not look like an airbrushed model on a billboard the happier we'll all be. The marshmallow girl movement proves that being plus sized and looking cute aren't mutually exclusive, you absolutely can have your peterpan collared, skater skirted cake and eat it too!

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