Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Birthday Picks! ♡

In two weeks, I will be twenty two. If you asked eight year old me what she thought I'd be doing at this age, she'd probably tell you that I would be a successful dog groomer, astronaut, or penguin (or all three), with a big house, at least five pet dogs in the backyard, and a fridge full of delicious snacks. Unfortunately these dreams are all still yet to become reality, so I've distracted myself in the best way I know how- by compiling a list of material goods that I wish I owned. If there was one thing my mother really managed to engrain in me as a child, it was writing wishlists, and I know she'll be reading this so hi mum, you've created a monster.

Katy Perry Killer Queen: Spring Reign 100ml - Every time I walk past a chemist with this on display I have to stop and spray myself with way too much of it. It smells of sweet, fresh flowers and the pink theme is so cute that I feel like Katy was thinking about me when she thought this up. She probably wasn't, but I can dream, right?

Nintendo 3DS XL Console with Animal Crossing and Pokemon Y - I have never had a handheld gaming console and I feel like I've missed out on something, so better late than never right? And it would be nice to have something to play with on days when I'm stuck in bed.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - The holy grail of nude eyeshadow palettes, and it's coming to Australia! Urban Decay goes on sale at Mecca Maxima and the Mecca website on the 27th of March and I am so excited. I've been dying to get my stumpy li'l mitts on one of these babies for what feels like forever, and it'll be available just in time for my birthday so... nudge nudge haha!

The Ultimate Lush Gift - I mean, anything from Lush is an awesome gift, but these babies are my favourites. Yuzu Bubbleroon, Honey I Washed The Kids shower gel, Cupcake Fresh Face Mask, Butterball bath bomb, Fluffy Egg bath bomb, The Comforter bubble bar, Vanishing Cream moisturiser, and the Rockstar/Godmother soap stack are almost all so tastily scented that they make my mouth water a little, just imagining what opening a gift box full of these products would smell like - heaven I bet!

Wheels & Dollbaby Tiger Embroidery Cardigan - What's a birthday wishlist without some Wheels? I'm a sucker for vintage Japanese embroidered bomber jackets, and I love how this cardigan is reminiscent of them.

Suckered Apparel Eva Manga T-Shirt - I am a giant nerd for Evangelion and I am not ashamed to let the whole world know it. Any questions?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Ultimate Madoka Figure - She's almost impossible to find for under $300, but my goodness she is majestic (as is her counterpart, Devil Homura). When this was announced I actually cried, I am so lame that I got emotional about the beauty of a PVC figure. The smaller Figma version would look nice on my shelf too, I'm not picky.



  1. If you can save up, definitely get a 3DSXL, there are plenty that are refurbished that you can get cheaper, at Amazon, or even Gamestop and Nintendo themselves. Since they have already released a new one, I'm sure there would be plenty of them on sale. Plus with internet access capabilities, you can play all kinds of games, with all kinds of people. Even me all the way in lil ole Ohio.

  2. i love writing wish lists and all these items are amazing!!! i esp. want to now smell that perfume!! it sounds incredible!!!!