Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pastel Pokémon Trainer

Bodysuit: H&M | Dress, worn as skirt: H&M | Shoes: ModCloth | Belt: Asos | Glasses: eBay | Hat: Myer | Circle Lenses: Pinky Paradise, reviewed here

Whenever I wear this straw bowler hat, I always feel like a Pokémon trainer. I think it has something to do with Serena, the female trainer from Pokémon X & Y, even though her hat is almost a completely different style:

Our colour schemes are totally different, but she's still super cute in my opinion! I lost track of Pokémon a little after 2004 after I got too sad about not being able to have my own Vulpix in real life, but Serena's outfit is way more my speed than Misty's crop top and short shorts, maybe I should dive back in and ask Sam for a 3DS for my birthday.
Is there a Pokémon that you wish you could have? 
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  1. You are so cute!!! The hat may be a different style, but I could totally see pokemon trainer when I saw your outfit!! Are you trying to catch them all? We should exchange Friendcodes, if you play.



    1. Thank you sweet friend! I think that I might even try doing a Serena cosplay later on in the year when I get brave enough to attempt knife pleats haha. I am still dreaming of catching 'em all, but I've asked the birthday fairy for a 3DS so hopefully in a months time I'll be on the team - and if I am I will certainly post about it!