Saturday, January 17, 2015

Strawberry Fields Forever

 Dangerfield bag, skirt and top // ModCloth cardigan // ASOS flats // Myer hat // Lockshop wig

Sam is going on a trip to Japan for two weeks next Tuesday so we've been spending our free time doing cute things together and I've been trying to keep my green eyed monster under control because I am SO jealous - this is the second time he's been to Japan without me during our relationship and you'd better believe that my present wishlist for him is ten miles long.

On Thursday I dressed up like an Animal Crossing character/Pokemon trainer/strawberry hybrid and we went to the Hello Kitty Café again because I'm determined to try every cake on the menu.

I had the Chocolate Opera House cake and an Oreo and Espresso frappe that came with cornflakes on the top which I thought was a bit strange at first, but I was pretty quickly convinced that it was genius and that all drinks should come with cornflakes on them. The slice was very fluffy and light, but also very rich in flavour and I was bouncing off the walls for about two hours after we left because I was so full of sugar and caffeine, which isn't a bad thing at all.

Sam had the Classic Waffle which came with vanilla ice cream and what I think was a strawberry and apple jam/sauce/compote arrangement. He let me have a bite of the waffle and it was so tasty, it was warm and fresh with a crispy outside and fluffy inside which is exactly what I want in a waffle. I'll definitely be trying one of these on our next visit. 

Here are some bonus photos of us being adorable/ridiculous. This is definitely turning into a series on HK Café so check back for another instalment soon!


  1. Superbly cute outfit! X


  2. I love your purse, and your wig is so cool and realistic! I also really adore your coffin shelf ^____^