Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Since I got an Olympus compact camera I've been neglecting my big Canon recently, so I used some of my savings to buy a new lens for it so that I could use it more often! I find that I can't hold my Canon up for very long due to the pain in my forearms and wrists, because it's really quite a heavy camera (I use a 60D) so I decided to swap the kit lens out for a smaller 50mm lens. I got the Canon 50mm f1.8 from JB HiFi price matched to $136 (it usually retails for $149), and I love it! So far I've just been bugging Sam's dog Toby, but the photos have come out really nicely. I'd really like to do some portrait work this year once I've really gotten the hang of it, but for now I'm happy to hang out and take lots of pictures Toby's adorable furry face!

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