Thursday, December 25, 2014

Things I Made For Christmas

Hello friends! I hope you're all having/have had (depending on your time zone) a wonderful, magical, merry Christmas, I know I sure did. I've been very busy making things for the holiday over the past few days, including the dress pictured - with a lot of help from my mum (hi mama, I know you're reading this!) we managed to knock it out before dinner on Christmas eve, and I love it! Brown isn't a colour that I would usually gravitate towards, but who am I to say know to woodland critters wearing winter woolies? It's made me very excited to learn how to sew properly, I already have a skirt cut out and ready to go for my next attempt, I'm very lucky that my mum has been sewing for as long as she has and that she's willing to teach me some of her tricks!

I've also been very busy in the kitchen, having made my first ever batch of gingerbread biscuits! This is the first time that shaped biscuits have ever worked out for me, they usually come out looking like sad blobs, so I'm very happy with my efforts. It was also my first time doing any kind of semi-fancy icing decorations, and about halfway through I got very tired and fed up so all of the ugly ones are hidden underneath, or they ended up in my belly.

I also made three giant pavlovas within the space of four days because a few years ago while I was a little tiddly at Christmas lunch I decided that it's not a holiday in Australia without a pavlova, so I've tried to make as many as I can possibly get away with and I'm getting pretty good at it if I do say so myself! 

What did you get up to for Christmas? And what's your favourite thing to make/eat on the day? Leave me a comment below! ♡

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  1. Your pavlova looks divine! I also love the dress, very impressive & very cute fabric :)

    My favourite thing to make on the day is a glass of cider, haha. But during the holiday lead-up you will find me crafting away at various decor/DIY gift projects. XO