Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing Day Beauty Haul

I'm still only a newbie to the wonderful world of Lush, but when I found out that they would be having a pretty huge Boxing Day sale there was no way I was going to miss out! My friends lined up for an hour before opening - I would have been there earlier but Sam and I spent an hour chasing a lost dog around a car park on our way to the city lol - but I joined them in time for us to be in the first group to enter the store and take advantage of the 50% off on all Christmas stock and any products older than three months. 

I'm so excited to finally have a big bottle of the fabled Snow Fairy, it smells like clouds of cotton candy and I'm going to have to ration it as well as I can until next Christmas, I kind of wish I'd gotten two bottles! I've been having a lot of issues with my skin lately so I picked up a couple of different face washes as well as a bottle of Vanishing Act spot treatment spray, hopefully they'll help clean up my face because it's been very painful and frustrating.

Bath bombs! I love a good long hot bath with fun coloured water, and Lush bath bombs are the perfect things to leave me feeling silky smooth and smelling delicious. 
From left to right, top row: Christmas Hedgehog bubble bar (x2), Magic Wand bubble bar (x2), A French Kiss bubble bar, Tisty Tosty bath bomb.
Bottom row: Sunnyside bubble bar, Cinders bath bomb, Avobath bath bomb, Drummers Drumming bubble bar, Northern Lights bath bomb, Brightside bubble bar, and Fizzbanger bath bomb (the last five are from the Whoop! gift box)

I also paid a visit to Priceline and picked up a couple of make up brushes, a lipstick and lip liner, new concealer, and some turquoise dye for the ends of my extensions. 

Did you brave the boxing day masses? And if so, what did you get? ♡

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  1. The face stuff you got is probably Japanese and therefore amazing. Did someone tell you how to use Ultrabland? Vanishing Act is the Japanese name for Greased Lightening - I use mine at night time as it can get a little drying. Great haul! It makes me laugh that I still get a kick out of Lush hauls xx