Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another Day, Another Bath

Tonight I dug into my Boxing Day Lush haul by taking a fancy bubble bath and using the A French Kiss bubble bar. A French Kiss isn't a beauty product I'd usually go for, because instead of smelling like lollies and fairy dust, it smells like lavender and sophistication. I'm desperately trying to cling to adolescence by smelling as much like a stick of fairy floss as I can so I generally avoid more adult smells, but I actually really like A French Kiss. Here's the official description from the Lush site:

"Perfumes from Provence: inspiration from a Parisian patisserie. A French Kiss gives you a relaxed but alert feeling that lasts all day. We're talking about our Bubble Bar, so keep your minds clean! The Lush French Kiss is a calming and reviving lavender, rosemary and thyme bath, with essential oils from sun-soaked Provence. It's even topped with a sprig of lavender flowers. Relax in its purple waters and soak up all its benefits."

I added a couple of drops of lavender oil to the bath as well, just to add a li'l more relaxation, and it worked really well so I'd definitely recommend it if you have some on hand! It made the whole house smell nice too. The description says that the water would turn purple, but mine definitely went pink, which I'm not sure how I feel about because purple and pink are my favourite colours! 

I indulged and used the whole bar (I usually split them in half because I'm stingy) and it made SO MANY BUBBLES! Seriously it nearly all foamed over the top of my bathtub and it was amazing, and the bubbles lasted over an hour. It also left my skin velvety soft, I felt like I didn't even need to moisturise afterwards. A 100g bar is $10.50, which makes it one of the more pricey bubble bars, but you could easily get three baths out of a bar. 

Also can we just take a second to admire/feel disgusted at how jam packed my newly dedicated Lush drawer is? There's a LOT of bath themed posts to come friends, so stay tuned for more soapy goodness!

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