Saturday, August 30, 2014

National Dog Day

 Sweater // Peter Alexander
Skirt // Dangerfield
Shirt // Dangerfield
Shoes // Taobao

I'm a little bit late, but the 26th of August was National Dog Day! I'll be honest, every day of my life is dog day because dogs are great and I appreciate the heck out of them every day by looking at pictures of dogs in costumes, wearing dog themed clothing, patting my own dogs (Perdy is pictured, Pepper can't stay still enough for photos), and just generally thinking they're neat. I also can't believe I've never posted an outfit with this sweater before, I wear it so often that it's anyones guess how it hasn't disintegrated straight off my back yet! Corgis are great. Sweaters are great. Corgi sweaters are the greatest. 

Oh and I'm a brunette now, surprise!


  1. Such a cute dog :)

  2. I'll miss the purple hair * - * kisses from Brazil! Kiss Angie.