Thursday, December 12, 2013

There's a lot of hype around BB Creams lately, with all different brands claiming that their products will prime, refine, smooth and perfect your skin. I've been using Korean brand Missha's BB Cream since 2011, but I recently ran out so I decided to give a western version a shot. Models Prefer was on sale at Priceline (this tube was about $6.50), so why not?

"Primes: conceals imperfections, refines pore appearance and helps control oil. Enhances: smooths and evens skin tone for a flawless finish. Protects: promotes healthy skin with UV repair system and SPF protection."

The formula is quite thin, as it's designed to only provide a minimum amount of coverage. This product only comes in two shades - Light or Medium, so you're not exactly spoiled for choice. I chose light, and I think it might be a bit too dark.

I have pretty average, combination skin. I have a few spots of uneven colour (my nose and some patches on my cheeks) and I do still have trouble with little blemishes, but on the whole it's not too bad. I usually use Revlon ColourStay foundation, so I thought this BB Cream might be nice for short shifts at work or for when I don't want to wear makeup for an extended period of time - ColourStay is quite expensive by my standards, so I like to make it last for as long as possible!

As you can see, the cream definitely takes the redness out of blemishes and helps to cover some of the uneven patches - my nose is a difficult one, so it usually needs concealer as well. I really like how well the product makes my skin look smoother than it actually is, and how lightweight it feels on my face. I wore it for a crazy busy five hour shift at work (set with translucent powder) and I didn't start to feel greasy at all, which is quite a feat! I didn't need to touch it up at all. My only major concern is that I think the product oxidises a little bit, I did feel like it got darker after I applied it, and took the photo.

On the whole, I think this product is great for every day wear. I wouldn't wear it on a night out, but it's good for warmer days. I think if you have trouble finding a light enough foundation, this product probably won't work for you (but I do recommend Missha's BB Cream!), but if not definitely give it a whirl!

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