Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Canines

Dress // Bernie Dexter

So now that Christmas (and consequently, Christmas work hours) is done and dusted, I have time to come back and make some posts - yay! I thought I'd start with a recap of my festive season, including my Christmas outfit (above). 

My Christmas day was a fairly quiet one, just lots of food and time with my family. I won't lie though, I did amazingly on the gift side of things, which is what I'm most excited to share with you all! Sam and I go a bit crazy on special occasions, and this Christmas was no exception. He spoiled me with so many lovely things, but my absolute favourite gift would have to be this Ron Swanson bobblehead:

Parks & Recreation is probably my favourite TV show, and I wish they made bobbleheads of the entire cast because I seriously wouldn't even think twice about buying them all, haha.

On Christmas night, Sam, his friend Jordan and I took a trip to the movies to see Anchorman 2. I don't think it was ever going to live up to the brilliance of the original, it was still very funny and a good way to spend the night! Amy Poehler makes a cameo as well, which was a-okay with me, and I was really glad that Brick got a bit more character development and screen time in the sequel, because he was always my favourite character.

I'm sorry if this post seems a bit rambly or nonsensical, I'm not very well at the moment (I have the equivalent of tonsillitis, seeing as I no longer have tonsils) and concentrating is a bit difficult, but I was just too excited about that dang bobblehead to wait any longer!

'Til next time,


  1. You look so beautiful, Shannen! I hope you had a lovely Christmas!


  2. I love your dress! The colour looks great with your hair ^___^

  3. You look so gorgeous Shannen! I hope you had a marvellous Christmas and I can totally agree with you working in retail wears us thin this year was my fourth Christmas and the only Boxing Day I wasn't on antibiotics for colds caused out of over working myself! Please take care of yourself sweetpea!
    XO's Paige

  4. What an amazing dress, you look beautiful! I love your purple hair as well. Hope you're well xo.