Thursday, October 17, 2013

So because I love food and trying new places but mostly food, I've decided to start a little running feature of reviews of food places here in Adelaide, and what better place to start with than a cult favourite, Burger Theory!
From their humble beginnings selling burgers out from the side of a truck on the streets of Adelaide, Burger Theory have planted more permanent roots in Ebenezer Place, just off of Rundle Street. Serving up traditional American-style burgers, the focus at Burger Theory is definitely quality as opposed to quantity, ditching the plethora of trimmings that burgers seem to come with these days.

Sam and I both settled on a #1 Burger - a Coorong beef pattie, tomato, lettuce and Truck Sauce on a BreadTop bun - a chocolate thickshake, and chips. I had big expectations for Burger Theory because I'd heard stories of people driving for over an hour trying to hunt down the truck just for one of these babies, so I figured they must be pretty amazing, and I must say, I wasn't disappointed!

The pattie was thick, tender and cooked to perfection. The vegetables were crisp and fresh. The bun was soft and delicious. I don't think I've ever had such a simple burger before, but I don't think I've ever had one as delicious as this one either! The Truck Sauce, while I don't know what it's made of, was awesome, I'm not really a sauce person at all but this sauce was top notch. The chips were hot and crispy, just the way I like them, and Sam and I agreed that there must've been cocaine in the thickshakes because we probably could've drunk another twenty of them each. I do wish I'd had the option of adding an egg or some pineapple to my burger though, because those are the things that really make burgers the best in my opinion.

The only gripe I have with Burger Theory is the price. I can understand the price of the burger - $9 - because it's top quality produce, but I'm not entirely sold on the extra $9 for a bucket of chips and a regular sized thickshake, it seems a bit much to me, but I guess you have to pay a bit more for quality food.

I really dig the funky li'l pattern on all of the wrappings though, I want a dress with this printed all over it!

On the whole, I enjoyed my first Burger Theory experience a lot, and I kinda wish I'd sought out the truck a year ago and jumped on the wagon sooner, because it's a bloody delicious one. If you can deal with paying another nine bucks for chips and a shake, do it, because I seriously doubt you'll regret it.

solid 9/10 from me!

'Til next time,

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