Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'm not a stranger to hair dye, and I'm willing to try anything once. This year I've been obsessed with finding the perfect purple hair dye, and unfortunately, I've failed yet again.

When it comes to La Riche hair colour, I seem to be forever the optimist. I always say to myself 'hey, maybe it'll work out this time', but it never does, and I should know better by now, but some people never learn.

After spending a lot of time browsing through reviews and photos, I decided to order myself a couple of pots of La Riche's Plum shade. The swatch provided is my dream purple, so I figured it'd work perfectly, right?

The swatch is a really rich, deep shade of violet - exactly the colour I want, excellent! Buy a whole bunch! Use ALL the hair dye! Buy extra for when your new extensions arrive and dye the hell out of those too!

So I waited two weeks and hallelujah, the dye finally arrived. It looked purple in the jar, so I tested some out on an old blonde extension strip that I had leftover from when I had red hair:

A bit brighter than I expected, but that's no problem, I like bright hair. And it's purple so no worries.

Fast forward a week or so to when I've stripped out a whole bunch of residual dye and got my hair to a lovely shade of yellowy green - the colour that I usually put purple over, and have never had any trouble with so far.

I mixed a jar of dye with another half a jars worth of conditioner (I always do this, it never really dilutes the pigment and always leaves my hair feeling amazing, and it saves using more dye than necessary), slapped it on my head, wrapped it in cling wrap and a towel, and left it for about four hours. Typical hair dying procedure in my world.

When I washed it out, I was incredibly surprised to find that instead of the lovely, purple colour that i was expecting, my hair was more of a very, very dark blue.

Now, I'm no fruit farmer, but I'm pretty sure that plums are not blue. The above photos were taken after a second shampooing to see whether or not I could rinse it out to the colour it was supposed to be, but alas, I failed. It's still blue, and unfortunately so is the skin on the sides of my face and neck that my hair has rubbed on and stained. Actually, just about everything I've put my head on when my hair has been either wet or dry is now stained blue, so if you've got a lot of white things, don't use this hair dye because you will become a little guy that lives in a blue world and everyone will sing that damn song to you.

In short, I think this dye sucks. I wouldn't buy it again, because the neck of my dearly loved, fluffy pink dressing gown (that I wore when my hair was dry, WHAT?!) is now blue. Oh and my hair is blue, not purple. And at $20 for two, tiny pots that won't even give you the right colour, it's an absolute rip off.

Packaging: 3/10
The jars look nice enough, but they're not nearly big enough. If you had long hair you'd need about four jars of this stuff.
Product: 2/10
My hair feels lovely, but the colour was awful. I feel like a score of 2 is almost too generous.

TL;DR: Purple is not blue. This dye sux. The search for the perfect purple continues.

'Til next time,

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