Friday, August 30, 2013

Dress: ModCloth
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Thrifted/Vintage
Shoes: Asos
Brooches: DedHed Accessories

I was saving the first wear of this dress for a special occasion, and I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was when my dad got a promotion and decided we were going to a fancy restaurant for dinner! 

I'm so in love with the bright colours in the print of this dress, I kind of want to just wear it everywhere from now on. I'm also developing a little love affair with brooches, I want some for every cardigan I own.

I wish I could remember where I got this hair bow from - I bought it two years ago from a super cute stall at a rockabilly festival and I want so many more, I should've bought ten when I had the chance! Oh and my hair colour is slowly improving, but the ends are definitely still blue.

I've also been doing a whole bunch of driving lessons so that I can have my provisional license - and finally be a real grown up! - at the end of next week. It's intense, but I'm excited, and I think I'll just have to wear this delicious get up for when I do my test in a week, unless I can pull something car themed out of my magic wardrobe!

'Til next time,


  1. You look so adorable! I love the bow in your hair!


  2. You're so cute! The bow is adorable; you could probably make a few more if you can't remember the stall that you got it from. The one thing I hate about buying at a stall is if you lose their card, you can never remember where you got them from :( I really think I may need to buy this dress though, you rock it so well!

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