Saturday, August 24, 2013

About three weeks ago, I finally coughed up the guts to get my feet tattooed. I was completely terrified and I think my fear was totally justified - I found it so, so painful! 

Please don't laugh at my funny shaped ankles, they're a bit strange!
They say 'Never Fearful, Always Hopeful', which is a line from the song Faith or Forgiveness by one of my favourite bands, The Ghost Inside. I spent a lot of my adolescence struggling with pretty severe anxiety and depression, but there's something about this song that makes me feel so good that it brings tears to my eyes nearly every time I hear it, and I'm so, so happy to finally have part of it with me forever, every time I look down at my feet I feel my eyes well up - which is a pretty amazing thing in my opinion!

I had a pretty bad relapse earlier this year, and I was lucky enough to have the chance to speak to Jonathan Vigil after the Adelaide show of the Get What You Give Tour. I can honestly say that Vigil was the kindest, most inspiring man I've ever met in my life, and I was so happy that I got the opportunity to tell him how much he, his band and his songs meant to me.

I had them done by Ryan 'Maverick' Reeve at Progression Tattoo, here in Adelaide. Ryan's a super nice guy who does some absolutely phenomenal work, especially script. And he was great enough to put up with my awful involuntary shivers and terrible laugh while watching Hot Rod.

'Til next time


  1. Amazing, I can't really see it properly but I love your milkshake one on your leg as well x

    1. Thank you! Maybe one day I'll make a post featuring all of my zaps, haha :) ♡

  2. These are beautiful! And the story behind it makes it even more meaningful. I'm glad you're able to use these as a way to keep pushing forward.

    xo Kristina Rose