Monday, July 8, 2013

Today I'm trying something new and trying my hand at my first (drum roll please..) product review! I don't think there's anything I love more than trying new make up products, and I figured, why not share them with you lovely people? Please note that I am nowhere near an expert on make up, I'm just an enthusiast who likes to look pretty!

The first product I'm going to be reviewing is the ever-popular Velvetines lipstick from cult beauty brand Lime Crime. While Lime Crime have endured their fair share of controversy, I've always preferred to ignore the drama and instead focus on the quality of the product. Velvetines comes in two shades, Suedeberry and Red Velvet, I opted for Suedeberry.

The Velvetines range is designed to be the ultimate in matte lipwear - it goes on as a gloss and dries to a velvety, matte finish that, to me, is nigh on impossible to achieve with regular lipstick. Just as with all of Lime Crime's products, the Velvetines formula is vegan.

L: Suedeberry R: Red Velvet

First of all, the packaging. I love the frosted glass tube and the circus-esque details, it has the same whimsical, fantasy feel that I've come to expect from Lime Crime. To me, this tube of lipstick just screams 'expensive'. 

The only thing I don't like when it comes to the packaging is the applicator. I'm not a fan of gloss wands because I find them terribly messy and hard to control. I chose to use a lip brush to apply it instead, and found it much easier to colour inside the lines.

L: dry swatch R: wet swatch
Didn't I tell you it was intense? Suedeberry is a bright, strawberry red that can at times look almost neon. Sometimes I find that wearing red lipstick during the day makes me feel a little over dressed, but I don't feel that way at all with Suedeberry. I really love the way this lipstick feels as I apply it - it feels incredibly smooth and luxurious. It retains most of it's velvety feel as it dries, but because my lips are prone to chapping, I did find it felt quite drying after a few hours, so if you're like me make sure you apply a moisturising balm beforehand!

One of the biggest claims about Velvetines is that it's long lasting, and oh my goodness, it delivers. A single application lasted me from 9 AM til 9 PM - through a day of work, three meals, a lot of glasses of water, and a nap. It didn't bleed or smudge, or even transfer to any of my cups, mugs or utensils. I didn't get to take a photo at the end of the day (I'll be honest, I was so tired I forgot), but the only difference I could see was some fading in the middle of my lips. Amazing!

So, in short, if you want a matte lipstick that you can apply and forget about, Velvetines is what you're looking for. It's the best, no fuss lipstick I've come across, and when I'm wearing it I don't live in fear of smudging it across my face or having to reapply it every hour without it fading into nothing. The only thing I can suggest is to apply it with a lip brush, and to keep a chap stick on hand for moisture injections if you're prone to dry lips.

Velvetines is available for purchase from Lime Crime's website,
Packaging: 9/10
Product: 9/10

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  1. thank you for the review! its such a pretty color and i love the finish. totally on my wishlist now. lovely blog as well, would love it if we could keep in touch and follow each other on Bloglovin'? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to follow each other.