Thursday, June 13, 2013

I must apologise for my recent lack of posts - between the last few weeks of first semester and getting ready for my trip, I haven't had the inspiration nor the time to pos and I feel quite bad about it. But never fear, I'm currently in Sydney and i have an abundance of post material. There's a lot of photos though, so I'll be placing everything under cuts to save your browsers from taking a trillion years to load.
harbour view from our hotel room
We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and after a fair hike to our hotel from the train station to drop off our luggage, Sam and I met up with my old friend Jasmina. Mina took us to an amazing place called Mappen for a cheap and tasty lunch, and then to a bunch of cute shops around the Chinatown area. We were walking around for four hours, but it felt like nothing because we were seeing so many amazing new things! We went to Capitol Square to try our luck on the UFO Machines, and after what seemed like a hundred times, Sam managed to win two Rilakkuma plushes in a row, we were so stoked! 

Mina & Sam, just before their big win.

Mappen Udon with seaweed and green beans with a half boiled egg, and tempura chicken and prawn.
We said goodbye to Mina at about five and then wandered back to our hotel to crash with room service after a huge day. We slept amazingly well, too, because it turned out there was a mix up with our room and we ended up being upgraded to a deluxe room with a view of the Sydney Harbour bridge!

Wednesday was our anniversary, so we took a trip to the Wheels & Dollbaby flagship store in Surry Hills, which I will detail in a separate post, as there's just too much amazing to fit into this one. We also spent the late afternoon wandering around Pitt Street Mall, and found a cupcake store with some super cute cakes that we couldn't pass up.

Red Velvet and Choc-on-Choc

For dinner we went to a wonderful little cocktail bar on Darlinghurst Road called Hinky Dinks. The decor was amazing, it was fit out with all sorts of kitschy, 50's style American paraphernalia with a Tiki twist, and Frank Sinatra and other swing tunes were playing throughout the night. We ended up drinking more than we originally planned, but the cocktails were nothing short of incredible. The bartender knew exactly what he was doing, and he was so hospitable that we just couldn't say no! Safe to say that we tottered back to our hotel room rather drunk.

Marshmallow Colada, Chilli Salt Squid, Nuclear Banana Daquiri, Popcorn Chicken.

Zombie, Tiki Wings, Madagascar Manhattan

After a bit of a slow start this morning, we got ourselves together and trekked off to catch the monorail to Darling Harbour where we visited the aquarium and Madam Tussaudes, and we had so much fun! I took so many photos in Madame Tussaudes that picking out a few to post was so difficult.

The first meeting of The Corgi Club was a hit.

Sam making Womens Rights the free world's #1 priority

After the wax museum, we made our way back into the middle of the city on the monorail (mono meaning one, rail meaning rail) to visit the Sydney Tower Eye, the tallest building in the city, and take in the magnificent view of the city and surrounding areas. Again, I took a lot of photos, so culling them down to just a few for this post was hard! In hindsight, I probably should have divided this into two, haha.

I loved seeing all of the different weather conditions, and as we were there just before sunset the light was amazing.

We then found our way down to Haymarket where we went to a Malaysian restaurant on recommendation from my friend Michael. Apparently it's very popular, as we got there before opening and there was already a huge line! The food was delicious. I'm not normally a fan of spicy dishes, but Sam loves them so he really enjoyed himself, and I did find things I liked (my number one pick? Iced milo to soothe your tongue after trying the satay sauce!). The place is called Mamak, and the Roti is delicious. 

Safe to say it's been a huge couple of days so far, we've been sleeping so well! There's a whole bunch more to come as well, so keep your eye out m'lovelies.

'Til next time


  1. Sounds like you're having a great time, I love Sydney so much. I wish I knew about the was museum when I was there a few months ago though! xx

    1. Sorry I've taken such a long time to reply, I get so flustered when it comes to comments on Blogspot! We had such a marvellous time, I certainly miss it a lot when I'm stuck at work or uni haha. Definitely check out the museum if you ever go back, the skeleton collection is just amazing.

  2. Looks like you are having an amazing time! It has been so long since I last visited Sydney. You're making me want to pack my bags and head to the city! xx

    1. I hadn't visited Sydney for about six years before our visit, so it was like experiencing it all for the first time again, haha! And the last time I visited was for school, so it was nice to get around and do all the touristy things I couldn't do in a school group. Do it for sure!