Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Now, I'll be honest with you - I'm no stranger to cute overloads. Heck, my entire life revolves around adorable things (have you seen Sam's beard? It's like a kitten lives on his face!), but when I was aimlessly wandering through Etsy at some ungodly hour, I stumbled across something that nearly made me pass out from sheer loveliness.

That thing was fox shoes.

Enter Em & Sprout, the brain child of a crafty lady by the name of Lindsey. Located in Southern California, Lindsey spends her days screenprinting and appliquéing all sorts of whimsical goodies with the help of her husband and her kitties, the business' namesakes, Em and Sprout. 


With cats and woodland creatures being recurring themes, aliens, monsters and mermaids pop up to say hello in their own charming way. Em & Sprout stock all sorts of things, from t-shirts to tote bags, hair adornments to paper crafts, and sweat shirts to shoes - there's something for everyone in this little treasure trove hidden in the Etsy wonderland!

So make sure you hop along and browse through the store, as well as 'like' the Facebook page, and get yourself decked out in some delightful threads that'll make the world go 'aww'!

'Til next time

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