Monday, May 27, 2013

Cardigan: Wheels & Dollbaby
Skirt: Dangerfield
Belt: Dangerfield
Flats: Betts
Rings: Lovisa
To celebrate the release of the new Dita cardigans, I've decided to write a little review of my personal favourite Wheels & Dollbaby piece - my Peach Dita. I'm no Teer Wayde (you can see her rockin' her red Dita on her blog, Curves to Kill), but this cardi makes me way too happy to not write something about it!

I bought this cardigan in 2011. At the time, I'd only just started university (for the first time), I had no job. and I was feeling really down in the dumps about myself and how my life was panning out. I'd always been a fan of the clothes that Wheels & Dollbaby were making, but I just never had the means to buy any of my own, and I didn't feel particularly confident that they would look good on me anyway. When this cardigan was released, I basically looked at it and said to myself, "fuck it, I deserve something beautiful', and so I spent the next however many weeks until I'd saved the $190 I needed cleaning, washing, walking and babysitting. The day it arrived was amazing, I finally got to wear the fruits of my labor! Two years later and this cardigan is still my favourite piece in my collection (it's still not huge, but with the Sam's help it grows every birthday and Christmas), because I worked so damn hard for it.
Grow, my pretty!

The thing I love the most about this cardigan is definitely the trimmings. I don't think there's any fabric more luxurious than velvet, and the fact that the Dita cardigans are laden with it is why I can't seem to resist them. The embroidered roses make me thing of Van Gogh, and the collar is the perfect Peter Pan shape. The abundance of velvet-covered buttons evokes the elegance of a far gone era, where ladies were buttoned into everything, from their boots to their gloves, and zips were nothing more than a speck on the horizon.

The texture of the fabric of this cardigan is nothing short of marvellous. Made largely of viscose, it may cause natural fibre snobs to turn their noses up, but that doesn't discount the fact that it feels so incredibly soft - not unlike the skin of a real peach! The material also has plenty of stretch, which allows this cardigan to envelope your curves like a second, much warmer skin. 

But I think that the real reason why every woman should have a Dita in her wardrobe is that it's impossible to feel less than gorgeous when you're wearing it. To me, this cardigan is the ultimate in femininity, without being garish or over the top. Wearing this cardigan gives me a confidence boost that makes me feel as if I could command the attention of an entire room of strangers - something that usually terrifies me. This piece is one that I intend to hold onto for many years, and to hopefully pass onto a daughter of my own one day.

Need a Dita of your own? Pre order one now on the Wheels & Dollbaby eBoutique!

'Til next time

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