Saturday, March 30, 2013

Outfit Details
Dress: Bernie Dexter @ ModCloth

Shoes: Forever New

Headband: Lovisa

Hi! My name is Shannen, I'm a twenty year old student and ice cream enthusiast with a love of all things feminine.  I thoroughly enjoy scouring the internet for cute goodies, appreciating the crafty skills of others (and hoping I can develop some of my own some day!), and reading about all sorts of cultural topics. I have a wonderful partner named Sam, two funny puppies named Perdy and Pepper, and I own enough dresses to clothe a very floral army. I'm a life long Harry Potter fanatic, and a dedicated Katy Perry fan. I like to listen to early 2000's post-hardcore and emo more than I really should, and I watch The Simpsons nearly every day. 

Welcome to the Munster Mash, and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Wanna chat with me? Shoot me an email at!

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