Friday, June 12, 2015

Cake Baby

Asos dress // American Apparel shoes // Forever New belt // Leona Edminston bag

Today was Sam's and my third anniversary, so we dressed up and went out for a fancy lunch like a couple of real life grown ups! We went to Jamie's Italian - my current favourite - in the city, and it was so delicious. I had the tagliatelle bolognese (as usual) and Sam had the lamb & ricotta ravioli. Mine was amazing and super filling, but Sam seemed a little underwhelmed with his - I think he wished he'd ordered the burger.

And of course, we followed it up with dessert. I had the chocolate hazelnut arctic roll with espresso semifreddo and butterscotch sauce, and Sam had the lemon meringue cheesecake with berries. I didn't get to taste any of the cheesecake because he demolished it so quickly, so it must have been good! The arctic roll was a combination of my three favourite flavours; chocolate, coffee, and butterscotch, so it was bound to be a winner. 

I still can't believe that we've been together for three whole years! It feels like it's been barely any time at all, but longer than that at the same time, if that makes any sense at all. I am still so happy and at home with my Sammy peach, and I'm very grateful for everything he does for me - including letting me drag him into Lush and proceed to shove almost every product under his nose for a sniff of approval. What an angel. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

International Lolita Day

Chess Story Jumperskirt // Target Cardigan // Asos Collar // Miss Shop Hat // Taobao Bag // American Apparel Shoes // Lovisa Rings

So unfortunately I missed out on attending my local communities Winter International Lolita Day on Saturday meetup because I've been very unwell over the past week, and I was really bummed out about it so I decided to dress up on Sunday when I was feeling a little better instead! I really love this outfit, I think it's a nice balance between my two favourite substyles - classic, and sweet lolita.

I think this is the first time I've blogged about my interest in lolita fashion, so I'd best give you some background! For those of you who aren't familiar with the style, it has absolutely nothing to do with Nabokov's book or the english definition of the term 'lolita'. Originating in Japan, lolita fashion draws a lot of inspiration from Victorian and Rococo era styles and has a big focus on elegance and modesty. Though I've been interested in it for a few years now, I'm still only quite new to the fashion and I'm (very) slowly building my wardrobe, but I really love the way that putting on a big, poofy skirt makes me feel so feminine and ladylike. I can't wait to put together more outfits!

Monday, June 1, 2015

For My Best Friend

Last week I had to say a very painful goodbye to my old girl Perdy. She'd been sick for a long time, and it came to the point where it was kinder to kiss her goodnight and let her go peacefully, and it's safe to say that I'm nothing short of heartbroken. This is my eulogy for my furry baby angel.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

But If You Put The Hammer In An Elevator?

Kmart T-Shirt // Dangerfield Skirt // American Apparel Shoes // Dangerfield Belt // eBay Headband

I've just realised that I somehow managed to completely space on posting this outfit! I wore it especially to see Age of Ultron when it first came out a month ago and it's since become one of my favourite coordinates. Captain America is easily my favourite hero, and I can't believe how difficult it was to find a shirt that only featured him that wasn't only sold online, let alone in a female friendly cut. As I was rifling through the mens and boys clothing sections (I ended up finding this one in the mens pyjamas section, and it came with matching shorts which is a bonus!) it really got me thinking about how adult women are limited when it comes to ~geeky~ apparel. As expected, the mens section is littered with typically masculine character merchandise - t-shirts, underwear, socks, even dressing gowns featured all kinds of pop culture icons from Mickey Mouse and Finn The Human, to The Hulk and Sons Of Anarchy, but in the women's section there were only a couple of shirts featuring either Minnie Mouse or Bettie Boop. It's almost as if, as adult women, we're expected to take no enjoyment from superheroes or fictional motorcycle gangs, which I find quite disappointing - why do we have to be the 'grown up' ones? Girls are just as likely to enjoy fantasy and fiction as boys, with 46.6% of comic readers  and 48% of gamers identifying as female, so it seems very strange to me that this isn't reflected in what's available to us when it comes to clothing in stores that make all of this swag available to our male counterparts.

But there is always hope online! With brands like Her Universe and Living Dead Clothing dropping some super jazzy pop culture designs, we don't have to be restricted to giant dudes t-shirts - just learn from my mistakes and remember to buy things before the day you want to wear them, lest you spend an hour frantically running around your local shopping centre hunting for a Captain America shirt. 

(P.S. if you haven't seen Age of Ultron yet, I highly suggest you do. It was a great movie and I liked it more than the first Avengers and it really reinforced my need for a standalone Black Widow film)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Forest Fairies

Last weekend Sam, Toby and I took advantage of the lovely, sunny weather and went for a drive up to Kuitpo forest. I've always wanted to go there and take some photos, and I finally got a chance to do it! We had a really nice time wandering through the trees and Toby was very happy to sniff as many forest smells as he could. We took the long way home through Hahndorf and stopped for a pie and a chocolate milk, because why not?

I definitely want to make trips up there a regular thing. It reminded me a lot of the hikes we would go on during school camp when I lived in the Northern Territory, which I hated because the weather was so hot and sticky and we had to carry massive packs full of our stuff, except a whole lot nicer. It was lovely to be somewhere quiet and breathe the fresh air and listen to the birds with my two favourite boys, I can't wait to do it again!